What is ‘Print Ready Artwork’?

Creating Print Ready Artwork

At some point, You may have heard us ask “Is your artwork Print ready?” But what do you need to do to make something print ready?

“Print Ready” refers to your completed artwork with bleed applied to the page. We’ve created this short guide to assist with setting up your artwork with the least hassle – this also helps get your order processed faster!

Bleed area (Required)

The bleed area is for the artwork to exceed the cut line.

Artwork without bleed risks being cut with white edges. Adding bleed allows the extra room for a perfect finish when trimming your order.

Safe Area (Please Consider)

“Safe Area” refers to the area of your project that contains your content. This area will not be the finished size of your artwork but ensures that you do not lose any text or important details when it is trimmed to finish size. We recommend at least 5mm between the edge of the safe area and the edge of your canvas to avoid losing anything important.

Crop Marks

Crop marks tell us where the artwork is to be trimmed to. These are essential on all print ready files. We add these for you free of charge.

For the best results in your printing, We recommend a high-resolution artwork at 300dpi and converted to CMYK. If you have multiple pages, Please supply them as a single multipage PDF or EPS File.