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Paper stickers are very often seen on bottles and jars of consumer goods. These labels are easy to print and use. However, printable paper labels are not waterproof in most cases and can easily peel off or deteriorate when exposed to the elements.

Sticker printing is a highly effective way to promote any business. Whether placed on a product, wall, door, or car bumper, custom stickers not only get the message across, they are also hard to ignore. For as long as stickers exist, they will continue to get a brand noticed. The same cannot be said for electronic media, which takes the largest portion of marketing budgets in most companies.

Save Through Bulk Paper Sticker Printing

Increasing production volume is one of the ways to bring down costs. This is especially true when bulk sticker printing. The more you print, the less you will pay per sticker. If you plan to re-use a specific sticker design in future, remember that the greater the quantity ordered, the bigger your time and financial savings will be.

Balance Your Colour Choices

There is no doubt that stickers can do some excellent promoting. However, you have to make sure that they really stand out from the competition. Of course, most people put in time and effort to come up with unique, captivating logos and business maxims. Indeed, the design makes a big difference, but so do colours.

Business Sticker Printing

Alternatively, business sticker printing will stand out more when you make use of bright or noticeable colours. Bold shades like dark green, red, or blue can accomplish this when placed on storefront windows. When using bold hues, just make sure that words on the sticker are legible.

Like most online printing companies, we also use the full colour CMYK commercial printing process here at Custom Printing Services. This process involves layering dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks until they generate the desired colour. It is, therefore, best to select colours based on the CMYK commercial printing process if you want to get the desired outcome from your printed stickers.

Lighter colours at 10% of the CMYK spectrum do not always translate well when printed. For instance, that subtle shade of cream may appear as white to the casual viewer. With that in mind, look up CMYK colour codes and charts before designing artwork for promotional stickers in order to get the outcome you desire, or contact us for useful advice to enhance the presentation of your commercial messages.

How fast can you print Paper Stickers

  • Generally 2 – 3 days from approval of artwork, but same day printing is absolutely an option for most orders.

Can you design Paper Stickers?

Yes! We have a team of dedicated designers here just for that purpose. Just supply us with your logo, your exact details and requirements and we can make something for you.

Can you Supply them on sheets?

Yes! We can kiss cut them so they are easily peeled off. Make sure to select “Kiss” and specify you would like them on a sheet in the notes.

Can I pickup?

Yes! We are based in U1/229 Junction Road, Morningside, Brisbane

Can you send me and invoice to pay?

Yes. It is cheaper to pay online. However if you require we can send you a quote and invoice.

What is same day printing?

Same day printing is within 24 hrs. If you require anything sooner please let us know by calling 07 3399 7878.

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