With Compliments Slips

With Compliment Slips

With Compliment Slips are useful when sending out a quick personalised or informal note to your customers.  Having a good stock of branded With Compliment Slips is an important part of your stationery supply as they reinforce who you are and what you do. Build a strong, professional brand image for your business or organisation by using With Compliment Slips. By sending out personalised With Compliment Slips, it’s clear to your customers that you care about them and want to build a strong relationship.

You can also get envelopes and letterheads to go along with your with comp slips.

With Comp Slips Printing Paper Types

The standard stock for flyers is 80gsm laser, choose from thicker stocks as you wish.

80, 90 and 100gsm Laser are good inexpensive uncoated paper options, and are also lightweight and strong.

What Are With Comps Slips?

A with compliments slip is simply a piece of paper which is designed in your brand theme and contains the same contact information as your letterhead or business card. The piece of paper contains the words ‘with compliments’ which is followed by your hand written note.

When was the last time you received a letter in the mail? Not a package from an online shopping spree but an actual hand written note? Amongst the continuous inundation of impersonal emails, status updates, tweets and instagram photo’s, a handwritten letter can really stop you in your tracks. Social media has taught us to skim read and maybe consume a couple of sentences at best, so if you really want a client or customer to pay attention, send a with comps slips.

What Do I Use Them For?

Traditionally, with comp slips are generally enclosed with documents, products, catalogues when either requested or purchased by a consumer or client. They are also most commonly used for routine requests to automate the client relationship management process. A compliments slip leaves a personal touch with the consumer or client by creating a more human interaction. By doing so, you can help build brand loyalty, foster working relationships by showing your genuine side.

What Size Are With Compliments Slips?

You decide which size compliment slip works for you. They can range from a business card to A4 size, but generally a standard with compliments slip is 210mm x 99mm. This size is usually recommended because it fits inside an envelope without having to be folded and because it larger than a business card size it’s easily seen when included in a parcel.

How Should I Brand Them?

With compliment slips are an important part of your stationery collection and need to follow your brand identity. Having a consistent theme is going to reinforce who you are and what you do across all communication points with your clients or consumers.

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With Comp. Slip Templates

Note: Finished artwork must extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.

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