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Custom Printed Notepads & Deskpads

Custom printed notepads are a great way for you to stay in front of your customers. Create personalized notepads using your business logo and details in full colour. Notepads are an easy tool for currying favour with customers and spreading the best of your brand at the same time.

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Achieving ongoing brand visibility is a challenge facing most companies. Promotional products, such as custom printed notepads and desk pads, present an opportunity to achieve brand visibility with customers and prospects every day.

By giving custom printed notepads to your customers, notepads serve as a very useful marketing tool that never goes out of style. Note Books, Journals & Custom Writing Pads Printed or Embossed with your Logo will be kept and seen by your customers day after day.

Whenever they reach for pen and paper, regardless of the significance of their notes, they will be reminded of your name and business. There’s no better way to stay organized than with colourful, eye-catching sticky pads.

Notepad Paper Types

The standard stock for notepad / deskpad printing is self cover and 80gsm laser internals. Choose from thicker or thinner stocks as you wish, for more info see below.

Paper Options – Covers

300gsm Silk, Gloss, Matt stocks have a professional finish along with being a perfect paper to print on and achieve clarity. Touch any of these coated stocks and you will notice a smooth feel that also gives added protection and durability to your notepad covers.

Matt, is not reflective or shiny in any way, Gloss is glossy, and Silk is a satin textured paper stock.

300 – 400gsm Hi-Bulk sports a sturdy, subtle texture and feel and is an uncoated stock. As a result of this, it has an extended life and helps to make your desk pads more durable.

352gsm Kraft has a brown coloured eco friendly look with a subtle texture and is an uncoated option. Make sure to select kraft internals for the ultimate environmentally friendly deskpad printing option!

300gsm Cast Coat is instantly recognisable even if you haven’t heard of it; Cast Coat is like a postcard – shiny on the front and uncoated on the back.

200 – 300gsm System Board has a dazzling white high end look in addition to having a subtle texture.

280gsm Hammerbond looks and feels like a very high end white textured uncoated paper. Texture of this stock jumps out at you for it’s uniqueness. Chose this to make your notepad covers truly stand out!

Paper Options – Internals

85gsm Kraft is an uncoated and recycled stock and is brown with a very subtle texture.

80, 90 and 100gsm Laser are good inexpensive uncoated paper options, and are also lightweight and strong.

115gsm – 150gsm Silk, Gloss, Matt stocks have a professional finish along with being a perfect paper to print on and achieve clarity. Touch any of these coated stocks and you will notice a smooth feel that also gives added protection and durability.

Matt, is not reflective or shiny in any way, Gloss is glossy, and Silk is a satin textured paper stock.

Deskpad / Notepad Cover Finishes

Celloglaze (By Quote Only)

Note: Requires 200gsm paper or above
Available in either gloss/matt or a high-end velvet-textured option. Cello glazing offers a professional and high-quality finish to your pads along with adding depth and colour. It has a smooth, silky feel and also gives added protection and durability, therefore, extending the life of the product.

Foil (By Quote Only)

Note: Requires Celloglaze
Metallic foil is transferred through heat on to the surface of the stock; this makes the area shiny with a brilliant metallic hue. It comes in gold, silver, copper, rose gold and spot UV (clear foil).

Further information

Custom Printing offers a range of pads, desk pads and message pads suitable for spreading your message and logo. Select a dynamic promotional product from existing templates, or work with our designers to create something special for a specific purpose, function or gift.

  • Personalised Notepads
  • DL Notepad
  • A4 Notepad
  • A5 Notepad
  • Custom-Shaped Notepads
  • Message Pads
  • Desk Pads

A branded pad, message pad or desk pad place your message in front of your target audience.  Include them in your marketing program today and see the great benefits they will bring to your business.

Your logo and business information will be present on all pages so that when people tear out a page, your brand and contact details are still there.

Branded pads may look simple, but can be a powerful marketing tool if done properly.

People actually use notepads, so they are constantly exposed to the message you choose to include. Repetition is key to branding and a custom printed pad provides the perfect opportunity to brand your company.

High Quality Custom Pads

We pride ourselves on providing high quality custom notepads Australia wide. Featuring one or 4 colour printing, 15  sheets or higher of paper per pad. Our pads are made from top quality paper and are assembled with a glue-top or wire binding and cardboard backing. Graphic Design Services and a variety of ink colours are available to further customise your look.

Order Process

**You can Upload Artwork at any point during or after checkout.

What happens after you make your order?

1. We process your order

Once your order and quote are approved, the job is then forwarded to one of our Graphic Designers to create or set up your artwork for print.

2. We email you the proof

The Graphic Designer managing your order will send you a proof of your artwork to be printed. Please be aware that any significant changes that you require to your artwork can result in design charges.

3. We print your job

With your approval on the proof that has been sent to you, we are able to go ahead and send your order to print.

4. It's ready for dispatch

As soon as your order has been printed and cut to size, we package it ready to be shipped straight to your door – otherwise, it is kept here in our office, ready for you to collect.

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