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Flat Menu Printing Online

Our menu prices are available for you right here. You can choose from a variety of stocks and fold types. If you require an urgent deadline, just let us know in the notes. If you are after menu printing in Brisbane you can collect for free the same day, or next day to most metro areas if you are outside of Brisbane.

You can also get Folded Menus.

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Flat Menu Printing Paper Types

The standard stock for menus is 150gsm followed by 200gsm. In addition to this, we have thinner and thicker stocks available. Thicker stocks must be “scored” rather than folded, so are more expensive in that respect, and thinner stocks can have the opposite side show through.

80, 90 and 100gsm Laser
Choose these for the cheapest possible menu printing option. In addition to being cheap, they are lightweight, and as a result, are not very durable.

115 – 350gsm Artboard
Above all, artboard is a high-end satin textured menu printing stock. Artboard (also known as silk) provides a professional and high-quality finish along with being the perfect paper to print on and achieve clarity. Touch them and you will notice a silky feel that also gives added protection and durability compared to lower end stocks.

400gsm Hi-Bulk
400gsm Hi-Bulk is a white, sturdy stock that has a subtle paper texture. As a result of this, ti has an extended life and helps to make your menus stand out from more run of the mill paper types.

Stocks for Menu Printing above 200gsm must be scored rather than folded, and so are more expensive. For reference 300gsm and above is a business card thickness**

Menu  Sizes

Choose menu size options such as DL, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7. In addition, templates are available to assist you in creating your artwork.

Menu Printing Finishes


Note: Requires 200gsm paper or above
Available in either gloss/matt or a high-end velvet-textured option. Cello glazing offers a professional and high-quality finish along with adding depth and colour. It has a smooth, silky feel and also gives added protection and durability, therefore, extending the life of the product.


Note: Requires Celloglaze
Metallic foil is transferred through heat on to the surface of the stock; this makes the area shiny with a brilliant metallic hue. It comes in gold, silver, copper, rose gold and spot UV (clear foil).

Order Process

**You can Upload Artwork at any point during or after checkout.

What happens after you make your order?

1. We process your order

Once your order and quote are approved, the job is then forwarded to one of our Graphic Designers to create or set up your artwork for print.

2. We email you the proof

The Graphic Designer managing your order will send you a proof of your artwork to be printed. Please be aware that any significant changes that you require to your artwork can result in design charges.

3. We print your job

With your approval on the proof that has been sent to you, we are able to go ahead and send your order to print.

4. It's ready for dispatch

As soon as your order has been printed and cut to size, we package it ready to be shipped straight to your door – otherwise, it is kept here in our office, ready for you to collect.


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DL - Flat / 1 Fold / 2 Fold / 3 Fold / 4 Fold

A6 - Flat / 1 Fold / 2 Fold / 3 Fold / 4 Fold

A5 - Flat / 1 Fold / 2 Fold / 3 Fold

A4 - Flat / 1 Fold / 2 Fold

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Note: You can Upload Artwork at any point during or after checkout.
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