Large Vinyl Stickers

Get large vinyl sticker printing that can be used for anything from car decals to window decorations! Your professionally full colour printed vinyl sticker can range from a short term standard white vinyl, to phototex removable wallpaper, all the way to premium clear gloss.

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Large Vinyl Sticker Options

Shape Options

We only supply Large Vinyl Stickers die cut to a square or rectangular shape and do not have any other custom shapes. For shaped stickers we have a custom vinyl stickers page.

Stock Options

Our White Vinyl Options come in 3 Types:

  • White Gloss/Matt Standard 2yr – Monomeric: Great for short term use.
  • White Gloss/Matt Premium 2yr – Polymeric: Great for vehicles and signage.
  • White Gloss Hi-Tack 3Yr – Polymeric:  For rough non flat surfaces like plastic bins.
  • Gloss White 2yr Blockout – Monomeric: For going over existing signage. Blocks out anything from showing through.

Our Clear options come in two types:

  • Clear Gloss/Matt Standard 2yr – Monomeric: Great for short term use.
  • Clear Gloss/Matt Premium 2yr – Polymeric: Great for vehicles and signage.

Specialist Stock Options:

For Window Signage our vinyl options are:

  • One Way Window Film 2yr – Used for graphics on car or building windows. Has small perforations that allow for light to pass through.

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For Removable Wall Murals our vinyl options are:

  • Phototex Indoor Reusable Vinyl – Used for indoor signage and promotions including both short term and long term applications.

Laminate Options

  • Gloss Laminate
  • Matt Laminate

Order Process

**You can Upload Artwork at any point during or after checkout.

What happens after you make your order?

1. We process your order

Once your order and quote are approved, the job is then forwarded to one of our Graphic Designers to create or set up your artwork for print.

2. We email you the proof

The Graphic Designer managing your order will send you a proof of your artwork to be printed. Please be aware that any significant changes that you require to your artwork can result in design charges.

3. We print your job

With your approval on the proof that has been sent to you, we are able to go ahead and send your order to print.

4. It's ready for dispatch

As soon as your order has been printed and cut to size, we package it ready to be shipped straight to your door – otherwise, it is kept here in our office, ready for you to collect.

Calculator (INCL. GST)


Unit Price: 2.00
Length (in mm)
Min. 200mm - Max. 10000mm
Width (in mm)
Min. 200mm - Max. 1250mm

Is your artwork ready to print at the selected size?

Requires 10mm bleed from the edge.



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