Kraft Paper Stickers

Kraft paper has become a must-have in rustic design for its textured, earthy and natural look.  Kraft paper is a brown cardboard look which is made from a pulp compound which creates a fibrous texture with imperfect specks and patterning throughout. Commonly found in wedding settings, green-aware branding or anything with a rustic aesthetic, if that is the look you are after, these Kraft paper stickers are the way to go.

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Kraft Paper Sticker Options

Shape Options

Our shape types come in two varieties, Kiss cut or Die Cut and supplied individually.

Kiss Cut – These kraft labels are only cut through the sticker layer – the backing stays intact. Supplied as a sheet.

  • Kiss Cut – Custom shape – For non Square /  Rectangular or circular shapes
  • Kiss Cut – Square / Rectangle
  • Kiss Cut – Circle

Die Cut and Supplied Individually – Cut straight through to fit the shape of your design.

  • Die Cut to Square or Rectangle – Stickers are cut straight through the paper backing. Select if you have a standards square or rectangular shape and want them supplied individually.
  • Die Cut to Custom Shape / Profile are cut straight through the paper backing to fit the exact custom shape of your design. Select if you have a shape that is not rectangular or square.

Finishing Options

If you want to elevate your Kraft paper stickers we can offer cello glazing options in either matt, gloss or velvet options.  These finishes have a lot of added bonus for your product, it gives a more high-quality finish, adds protection from general handling , adds depth to the design as well as texture as well as general durability – extending the life of the product.

  • Matt Celloglaze – For a clean, simple finish our matt celloglaze will do the job. For a flat but rich finish.
  • Gloss Celloglaze – If you are after a high end finish consider the gloss laminate with this shiny, finish you will catch everyone eye.
  • Velvet Celloglaze – If you are after the most premium product, you cannot go past velvet celloglaze. The texture it gives is soft and gel-like to touch and deepens the colours.

Extras – These will have to be quoted separately and are NOT available through the website.

White Ink – It seems simple enough but printing white ink is not as easy to come by, but at Custom Printing Services we have our own white ink capable machines on site. Get vivid, opaque white ink on Kraft paper and it’s a stunning combination.  This combination is absolutely beautiful for weddings this is a perfect way to blend country and bridal.

Invisible Ink – Bring out your inner detective (and black light) and discover hidden messages when we print with invisible ink. *Please supply invisible ink artwork in vector format, if you are unsure about what that means, please find more information here –

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