Hard Hat Stickers

Custom Hard Hat Stickers

Whether it is to personalize or brand, these tough, long-lasting custom hard hat stickers are a great way to customise your work gear. Our print services offer flexible options with either clear or white vinyl  as well as custom shapes, so there is no reason to continue with your plain hard hats.

In addition, our hard hat stickers are hard wearing and waterproof and do not easily deteriorate or peel off when exposed to the elements.

Sticker Shape Types

  • Kiss Cut Stickers are only cut through the sticker layer – the backing stays intact. Supplied as a sheet. Select when you don’t have a square or circle shape.
    • Great for delicate designs, as the backing helps protect it.
    • Fast & Easy peel and stick
  • Shape / Profile are cut straight through the paper backing to fit the exact shape of your design.
    • With no restriction from straight lines, let you imagination take control with the flexibility of profile cutting you hard hat stickers (for intricate shapes, see Kiss Cut)
    • Easy to get an idea of what they will look like on something beforehand.

Stock Options for Vinyl Stickers

  • White 2yr Vinyl is the standard option for hard hat stickers with a solid base to build bright colours onto.
  • Clear Gloss Vinyl is best recommended for dark colours as bright/light colours may not block out all light.

Vinyl Sticker Laminate Options

If  your hard hats take a bit of a beating and you want to add some extra protection and strength, consider our laminate options (either in a clear or gloss finish) to help weathering and scratches.

  • Clear Gloss Mono
  • Clear Matt Mono

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