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Paper Sticker Printing

Paper stickers are a flexible and excellent choice for nearly any product. Our paper stickers are printed on a variety of high quality stocks with rich colour. They are commonly found on bottles and jars of consumer goods and on envelopes.

You have the option of getting paper stickers cut individually as square, individually as a shape (‘profile cut’), or on a sheet as circles or a standard shape.

Minimum and Maximum Quantities

We have no minimum or maximum quantity for stickers. As with anything, if you buy bulk you get a better price.


Another amazing benefit of going with paper labels is the possibility of additional laminate and foiling as options.


We offer cello glaze options on all of our sticker options, this goes for Kraft, paper and yes, even simple labels! This is a premium finish that greatly increases the durability and feel.


Foiled stickers look stunning and are something we offer for most of the products you see here. Please note that you cannot have a normal print and foil at the same time for paper stickers.

Note:  Foil and Cello glaze are mutually exclusive when it comes to paper stickers.