One Way Vision Stickers

One Way Vision Signs & Stickers that Work

One way vision stickers (or signs) are digitally printed vinyl graphics with a difference. The secret is the small mesh perforations that let you see through the design from the inside. Brilliant for maximising that stop at the traffic lights.

The perforations allow you to watch the world through the graphic but not the other way around. Using high-quality perforated stickers without perforating your budget, this cost-effective design makes a smart slogan solution for mobile businesses, sole proprietors, trades and retail. Combine with a UV laminate to for a longer logo life.

How Do One Way Vision Car Window/Signs Work?

There’s no trick, just the laws of physics and optics for your perforated window stickers. The human eye tends to notice brighter tones and colours over darker.
As a result, looking at your sign from the outside the viewer doesn’t notice the holes – just the image. When looking from the inside the backing of the Vinyl is black; so our eyes are drawn to the light coming through the holes – essentially giving us a picture of what’s outside.

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