Personalised Stubby Coolers

Maximise your value for money when it comes to advertising with Personalised stubby coolers from Custom Printing Services. A good way to think of stubby coolers is as a form of advertising that feels like a gift instead of something that is forced. This is because people find them to be useful – and people love a useful gift.

When people get your personalised stubby coolers they will be reminded of your brand whenever they drink and socialise. With this in mind it is no doubt they are a super popular product!

How are our Stubby Coolers made?

Our stubby coolers are printed with a special dye that allows for full colour. When you hold them they feel soft and robust because they are put together ingeniously.This is because they are made of a high quality neoprene material with a taped black seam, overclocked top and bottom edges, and a glued, non-slip, shark skin base all put together.

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