Custom Waterproof Stickers

Waterproof Sticker Printing

Made from Vinyl and BOPP Synthetic.

Get custom waterproof stickers in  printed at Custom Printing Service. We use the latest technology to print waterproof vinyl stickers and waterproof BOPP Synthetic Stickers in Australia at a competitive price.

At Custom Printing Almost all of our sticker products have water proof stock options, even paper stickers. Those options are:

Our waterproof options come in two types:

Vinyl Stickers

Our vinyl stickers are UV and weather resistant tear-resistant, suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. An easy peel-and-stick application can be used on a variety of surfaces like painted wood, plastic, metal, steel and glass.
Best for: Large Waterproof Stickers, Waterproof Bumper Stickers, Custom Waterproof Decals.

Synthetic (BOPP) Labels

Labels made from BOPP are extremely tough and quick to print, and waterproof. The material can be ordered as clear or white. In addition to this, they are highly resistant to many chemicals and is a medical grade plastic.
Best for: Custom Waterproof Labels, Waterproof Shampoo Labels.

custom waterproof labels

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