Palm Cards

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Custom Printing offers a wide variety of options for your palm cards to fit every learning need. Custom Print push cards can be printed on both sides and a variety of sizes. In addition, If you’re here for a palm card template you’ve come to the right place!

These cards are also known by a few different names; Flash Cards and Push cards, but they are all the size of one’s hands listing items to be discussed in a speech or presentation, usually in bullet point form.

Palm Card Template pdf

This palm card template is set to the correct size. Just remove the guides to put your artwork on and keep in mind the bleed areas marked.

Handy Hint! You can get round edges cards so your palm cards don’t wear down on the edges so easily.

Palm Card Sizes 
We print our palm cards at 70x100mm. But you can get them at any size, or shape, you want.

Palm Cards That Can’t Miss

Alongside schools, we print hundreds of thousands of palm cards per election cycle and we have yet to have a complaint.

If you need design help we have designers available to assist you. Our budget designer service is quick and cheap designing most sets of cards for $40.

They are handed out because they are small, easy access, wallet-sized campaign cards typically given to a potential voter during door-to-door canvassing or at an event for reference on how to vote.

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