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ID / Parent Card Description

A Parent Card is the newest and hippest way to share important contact, allergy or emergency info and keep in touch. They’re perfect for busy mums – and dads – on the go.

Get creative with your Parent Cards. Add a photo of your family and customise with fun fonts, colours, text and more. You can even personalise the reverse side of your cards!

ID Card

All in all a parent card or ID card is a great tool for getting to know your children’s teachers, other parents and sharing valuable information that may be required to assist your child in an emergency; or at least give your teachers some emergency phone numbers or medical information that they may not otherwise know. This can assist in a number of important situations that hopefully will never occur!

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Student & Staff ID Cards

ID Cards are an important part of the school administration and operations mix and Custom Printing can help you with expert advice on ID Card systems and technology, as well as designing and producing your school ID Cards. At Custom Printing we ensure ID Cards are seamlessly integrated into your school’s administrative systems.

Student Card Overview & Terminology

Card Size

Most ID cards produced by Custom Printing are 30mm PVC cards. They measure 86mm x 54mm and Custom Printing carries nine variations of these cards, all of which have different benefits, purposes and prices. Custom Printing can also obtain specialty ID cards on request or print on those supplied by your school.


Encoding is a way of storing information on the magnetic strip of an ID card. The information stored on the magnetic strip is a unique number or string of text that is linked to information in a database. It is used most often to identify a student for an attendance system or for library use.

Information can also be stored on magnetic strip tracks. These tracks are numbered 1 to 3 and each have different attributes, which are:

  • 1, Can store all numbers and characters that can be found on a standard keyboard. Track 1 has a limit of 76 digits and/or characters.
  • 2, Can only store digits, however it can store a maximum of 37 digits.
  • 3, Can only store digits, however it can store a maximum of 104 digits.
  • 4, Is only available with Bear cards. It allows information to be added and taken off at will by the administrator.


Barcodes are a way of storing a unique code on a card that can later be scanned and linked to a database. Therefore a barcode is a number or string of characters written in a font that consists of vertical lines. Alphabetical data must be shown in capital letter, in order to be read.

How fast can you print my ID Cards

  • For the vast majority of card print jobs, same day printing is absolutely an option if you can pick up or are in the Brisbane area.
  • For larger orders, we generally require 2-3 day from approval of artwork.

Can you design ID / Parent Cards?

Yes! We have a team of dedicated designers here just for that purpose. Just supply us with your logo, your exact details and requirements and we can make something for you.

Can I pickup?

Yes! We are based in U1/229 Junction Road, Morningside, Brisbane

Can you send me and invoice to pay?

Yes. It is cheaper to pay online. However if you require we can send you a quote and invoice.

What is same day printing?

Same day printing is within 24 hrs. If you require anything sooner please let us know by calling 07 3399 7878.