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Counter Cards Description

Counter Cards are a great resource and promotional item. We can print A4 and A3 sizes with any design you choose. You can either create a design or; you can get one of our in house graphic designers to design a perfect card to suit your business.

Uses of a Counter Card

There are many different uses of counter cards such as:

  • Showcase a particular product
  • Menu items
  • Prices
  • Specials
  • or other information

A Counter Card is the perfect marketing tool for that unused counter space. They can catch your eye and people are most likely going to read the “offer” that is available.

Furthermore, if you need anymore information about our products or company please check out our About Us page or give us a call!

Strut Cards

These Strut cards are perfect for on-shelf or counter displays and can be used to add colour to a display, boosting the visibility of a short-term promotion.

Strut cards are printed on a high gloss mounted onto a 2mm card with a lockable strut glued onto the back. The price list below is for standard A2, A3, A4, A5, sizes, though bespoke sizes are available. For custom strut card sizes you can use this price list s a guide so long the custom size as it fits within one of the standard sheet sizes.

More Counter Card information

Our A2 strut cards are too big for our small format printer, so we use a UV direct print using a flat bed printer. The image resolution is just as high, but the due to the production process, the finish is always a flat matt.

Cardboard curl is a concern for some customers who use their strut cards in hot, humid, or very long term situations. These conditions can lead to the cardboard curling over time. For these customers we can use coreflute as the substrate. Coreflute is impervious to heat or humidity as does not curl.  More infomation about coreflute counter cards visit our Anti Curl Coreflute Strut Card information page.

For raw strut cards, please Contact Us